In Liguria, Bisson makes lovely Vermentino that usually hovers around $20. Both the Intrigoso and the Vignerta bottlings are well worth sampling. The Vignerta is a slightly lighter style than the Intrigoso.

Bisson Wines was born at the dawn of 1978 when Pierluigi Lugano, art master and famous sommelier, conscious of the potential hidden in the rugged Ligurian wine farmers, decided to take his chance in exploitation of grapes of the Ligurian Eastern coast. He began buying small lots of grapes from farmers all over the country and to make wine in his cellars pursuing, with modern winemaking techniques, several experiments in order to understand how to deal with local grapes. The excellent results obtained, led to revive native Ligurian wines that had practically disappeared, such as the “Bianchetta Genovese” and “Ciliegiolo” and led to new insights such as the “Musaico” red wine. Ultimately, Lugano decided to plant his own vineyards, in order to achieve full control of the quality process of his wines. The strict limitation of Pesticides cultivation is the last challenge that is being pursued, with great conviction, in their vineyards to guarantee quality and authenticity.

  • Address: Corso Gianelli, 28
  • City: Chiavari (Genova)
  • State: Liguria
  • Zip: 16043
  • Website:
  • Phone: +39 0185 314462

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