Wine Pairings for Ziti al Pomodoro e Mascarpone

Wine Pairings for Ziti al Pomodoro e Mascarpone

Bianco: Venica & Venica Malvasia Pètris, Damijan Malvasia

Rosso: Cascina Luisin Barbera d’Alba Maggiur, Elvio Cogno Barbera d’Alba Bricco dei Merli

This pasta’s tomato base calls for a wine with perky acidity. However, the mascarpone means the wine needs a medium weight and some mid-palate creaminess. I prefer a bianco with this dish, but rosato and rosso can work, too. However, as I watch the snow fall outside my window this morning, rosato seems too contrarian a call. Hopefully, in just a few more weeks, the weather will warm and rosato season can begin.

Malvasia is a variety that boasts lots of perfume, especially orange peel and spice. The citrus peel element can be a bit over-the-top at times. However, both of my suggestions, the Venica & Venica and the Damijan, are fermented either partially (the Venica & Venica) or fully (the Damijan) in wood. That helps to calm down the exuberant side of Malvasia. It also gives the resulting wines some breadth on the palate…exactly what this pasta needs.

Barbera is an all-time favorite for almost any dish needing acidic lift. Its berry fruits work beautifully with the tomatoes, and the more full-bodied styles coming from Alba – rather than Asti or Monferrato – have the density to pair well with this dish. Two to look for are Cascina Luisin Barbera d’Alba Maggiur and Elvio Cogno Barbera d’Alba Bricco dei Merli.

Until next week’s Sunday Pasta pairings, cin cin!

Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

p.s. Check out our recipe for Ziti al Pomodoro e Mascarpone.

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