Wine pairings for Tagliatelle Nere con Gamberi (Squid Ink with Shrimp)

Wine pairings for Tagliatelle Nere con Gamberi

Bianco: Quintodecimo Falanghina, Capolino Perlingieri Falanghina Preta

Rosso: Moroder Rosso Conero, Le Terrazze Rosso Cònero Praeludium

This pasta has a nice undercurrent of the ocean’s saltiness between the squid ink and the shrimp. With shellfish there’s always the chance of reds clashing, but reds with light tannins can often do the trick. Mind you, that doesn’t necessarily mean a pale-colored red when Italian varieties are in question. What will work particularly well here are wines with medium body (though it’s a seafood dish, it has some weight), perhaps a bit of sunshine-driven, creamy palate texture and zero new oak. So, if you can’t find the wines I’m recommending here, you can take these parameters to your favorite wine store and look for something in a similar vein.

I’ve long had a soft spot for Falanghina. It has light floral top notes, medium to full body and a generous texture. When vinified or aged in smaller oak barrels or when it is aged on its lees in a stainless steel tank, it takes on a succulence particularly adept in handling the light and rich notes of this dish. Additionally, the volcanic soils of this Campanian region tend to give the wines smoky, minerally notes that blend nicely with aquatic iodine flavors.

For red wines, I would turn and head east across the peninsula to the Marche, where vineyards are never too far from the sea. The wines here tend to explode with red fruit freshness, especially when they are made with local varieties – primarily Montepulciano. (That said, the exuberantly floral Lacryma di Morro d’Alba is best avoided as its exuberance sharply contrasts with this savory dish.)

Check out our recipe for Tagliatelle Nere con Gamberi.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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