Wine Pairings for Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

Wine Pairings for Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

Red Wines: San Patrignano Aulente Rosso Sangiovese Rubicone, Fattoria Paradiso Sangiovese Maestri di Vigna, Branchini Sangiovese

Emilia-Romagna produces a lot of wine from many different grapes and in many different styles. Just north of Tuscany, this region produces plenty of Sangiovese, Tuscany’s most famous grape. However, Emilia-Romagna’s Sangiovese is a different clone. Hence, the wines are distinctily different…yet similar. This makes them a bit like cousins. Then, within the category of Sangiovese di Romangna, there are many clones. These would be more like siblings. The top strains make wines ranging from simple and cheerful to seriously age-worthy. (A lot of the others are known to produce less delicious juice.)

I particularly enjoy Sangiovese di Romagna; I find it has more aromatic lift accompanied by a finesse on the palate that its southern cousins don’t always carry. San Patrignano makes some very tasty ones; I like their Aulente Rosso in particular. Fattoria Paradiso’s Sangiovese Maestri di Vigna and Branchini’s Sangiovese are also top picks.

With the beef and pork in the Bolognese sauce, red wine definitely works best. If you want to start with a white, you may as well…you’ll need to open one for the sauce anyway!  A few months back I mentioned some great Pignoletto, who also find their home in Emilia-Romagna. Check these out for your sauce AND your aperitivo!

Check out our recipe for Tagliatelle alla Bolognese .

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