Wine Pairings for Spaghetti con Melanzane Grigliate, Ricotta e Pomodorini (Grilled Eggplant)

Wine pairings for Spaghetti con Melanzane Grigliate, Ricotta e Pomordorini

Bianco: Ippolito 1845 Cirò Bianco Res Dei, Librandi Cirò Bianco, Statti Greco

Rosso: Musto Carmelitano Serra del Prete, Basilico Teodosio, Bisceglia Aglianico del Vulture Gudarrà

Eggplants – like mushrooms – can taste surprisingly meaty. As such, this dish works particularly well with a red wines. Whites, however, are not to be ruled out, thanks to the palate-lifting effects of the ricotta and tomatoes. Whatever color you choose, do consider a wine with minimal new oak. The char on the eggplants will allow it to work with a tiny bit of oak-induced flavors like coffee and toast. This Sunday Pasta will work well with both medium- and full-bodied wines.

Whites based on Greco Bianco from the south work well with this pasta. Look for riper styles of Greco that show more fruit generosity rather than the pine needle notes typical of Greco’s leaner styles. The sweeter style of fruit will meld well with the summer succulence of the cherry tomatoes.

Aglianico makes a nice match with this spaghetti in the red category. Aglianico del Vulture tends to have a smoky, unlit cigar-esque nose that works well with the grilled eggplant. Wines from Vulture, as well as those hailing from other vineyards toward the southern end of the peninsula, tend to offer better value than wines hailing from the much-lauded Taurasi denomination.

Check out our recipe for Spaghetti con Melanzane Grigliate, Ricotta e Pomordorini.

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