Wine Pairings for Spaghetti con Alici (Anchovies)

Wine pairings for Spaghetti con Alici

Bianco: Tenuta Grillo Cortese Baccabianca, Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi

Rosso: Giuseppe Mascarello Freisa Toetto , GB Burlotto Freisa

This Sunday Pasta has no shortage of personality. The two key components are the salty, fishy anchovies and the sweet-tart cherry tomatoes. They pose quite a contrast, and trying to find a wine to match both is tough. It’s easiest to welcome the contrast to the wine pairing and choose a white that works with the anchovies and a light red that connects with the cherry tomatoes.

Cortese is a minerally variety that often tastes of cut stones and pungent lemons. It’s fairly neutral and leans to non-fruit aromas, so it’s a good match for the anchovies. Its lean to medium body is a perfect match for this lighter pasta, too. For a rounder, aged style, try the Tenuta Grillo, which tends to release its wines late – something that lends itself well to the saline qualities of this dish. For a fresh, bright style, go for the Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi.

Freisa is a fresh, bright black grape that – like Cortese – is from Piemonte. Its wines are pale in color and light in body, nicely matching the pasta’s weight. The bright cherry flavors and light herbal top notes meld well with the tomatoes, parsley and oregano.

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Cin cin!
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