Wine Pairings for Rotelle con Salsiccia e Panna (Sausage and Cream)

Wine pairings for Rotelle con Salsiccia e Panna

Bianco: Villa Matilde Falerno del Massico Bianco, Villa Matilde Falerno del Massico Vigna Caracci

Rosso: Statti Lamezia Rosso, Statti Gaglioppo

Sausage and cream add serious heft to any pasta. While in this one there’s a bit of relief from the bright pop of the green peas, this recipe mostly needs weightier wines. As usual, I add here my caveat about weightier wines often having new oak lavished on them, especially at higher price points. However, wines that see judicious new oak influence can work just fine, especially as those also tend to come with gentler price points.

Southern Italy’s Falanghina has good body with some mouth-coating glycerol to accompany its medium to medium-plus alcohol. These characteristics allow wines made from this variety to stand up to this pasta. Cool years or grapes grown in cooler areas bring fresh-cut herb notes to the wines that allow them to work well with the dish’s green peas.

Southern Italian blends tend to be lighter on their feet than most sippers expect, and that is especially true for wines that are crafted and aged in temperature-controlled vessels. Wines that are blended with a number of local varieties – so that the varietal spice rack can balance the wines’ styles year-in and year-out, depending on how each variety fared – also tend to be more harmonious. Conscientious producers don’t push the ripeness too far, allowing the wines to retain their natural acidity and pleasantly grippy tannins. That said, there’s lots of great, old school Gaglioppo that works brilliantly all on its own.

Check out our recipe for Rotelle con Salsiccia e Panna.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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