Wine Pairings for Ravioli di Caprino con Burro e Pomodorini (Goat Cheese)

Wine pairings for Ravioli di Caprino con Burro e Pomodorini

Bianco: Baron Widmann Sauvignon, Castello di Spessa Sauvignon

Rosso: Stella Chianti, Bindi Sergardi Chianti Colli Senesi

This pasta has two ingredients that provide a refreshing, salivating effect: goat cheese and cherry tomatoes. There are, also, two other ingredients to potentially consider: spinach and ricotta. However, at second glance, the spinach should have only a mild flavoring element as it is incorporated into the pasta, and the ricotta’s textural, creamy impact will be bigger than its flavor contribution.

This is a fairly lightweight dish. So while it might be tempting to go with a light bodied wine, favor a medium-bodied one, hovering around 12.5-13.5% abv. Go too light and the dish will overwhelm the wine. Solid acidity will be key, too, to match the perkiness of the goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Sauvignon Blanc is a classic pairing with goat cheese. With this dish, its gooseberry and passion fruit notes will work well with the tomato fruits while its grassy aromas will blend nicely with the spinach. Sangiovese, especially basic, unoaked Chiantis with their bright cherry fruit, will match the tomatoes perfectly in the red wine category. Chianti’s lightly scraggly tannins and bright acidity will do a nice job of cleansing the palate after each bite, too.

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Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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