Wine Pairings for Pasta Frittata

Wine pairings for Pasta FrittataBianco: Fiano, Greco di Tufo, Pallagrello & Blends (San Giovanni Paestum Bianco, San Giovanni Tresinus Paestum Bianco, Selvanova Pallagrello Bianco Terre del Volturno Acquavigna)

Rosso: Aglianico, Piedirosso, Pallagrello Nero & Blends (San Giovanni Castellabate Paestum Rosso, Selvanova Pallagrello Nero Terre del Volturno)

Pancetta and mozzarella take center stage here. The pancetta’s savory smokiness will match well with wines that see a little bit of new oak or have a strong mineral character. The mozzarella will work with just about everything! Both whites and reds pair easily with this frittata, but since it is hearty, opt for a fuller-bodied wine. Wines from the south work well, especially those made from grapes grown in the volcanic soils of Campania.

The white wines of Campania tend to be medium-bodied and mouth-coating. This mimics the cheese, pork fat and pasta of the dish. Almost any varietal or blended white from the area will work with this recipe. At your favorite wine store, ask for a wine that has seen some neutral barrels or lees contact for a broader, fleshier mouthfeel.

Campanian reds tend to be very deep, even imposing, in color. While they are full in body with generous alcohol levels, they have bright acidity – thanks to their high altitude vineyards – to keep them from feeling clumsy. This means they match the frittata’s weight before they cleanse the palate. Wines with Aglianico in the mix also have tugging tannins that keep the palate refreshed. All the local varieties show a savoriness that will match deliciously with the pancetta.

p.s. Check out our recipe for Pasta Frittata.

Cin cin!
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