Wine Pairings for Malloreddus con Melanzane, Mozzarella e Pomodoro

Wine pairings for Malloreddus con Melanzane, Mozzarella e Pomodoro

Bianco: Jankara Vermentino, Argiolas S’elegas

Rosso: Argiolas Costera, Pala Monica I Fiori

There’s nothing like pairing local wines with local dishes, especially in Italy. Since this pasta comes from Sardinia, so will this week’s pairings. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that the local varieties work very well with this dish. For the ideal vino, stay away from wines made or aged in new oak in order for the bright tomato flavors to really sing out.

The classic white grapes of Sardinia are Vermentino and Nuragus. Vermentino has floral and blanched almond notes, which layer nicely with the sweet fruit of the tomatoes. When grown in Sardinia, Vermentino tends to take on good weight, which is perfect for matching up to the eggplant’s density. Nuragus has a lighter, more medium body with herbal notes that will nicely compliment this melange of Mediterranean veggies.

In the red wine category, the main grapes are Cannonau and Monica. There’s also Bovale, but it is typically used in a blend and often the blend includes international grape varieties. Cannonau is Grenache, a grape with a sappy red fruit character that matches the tomatoes in this pasta perfectly well. Monica also has a generous red fruit character that can sometime make its attack seem lightly sweet. This again makes for an excellent match with the tomatoes.

Check out our recipe for Malloreddus con Melanzane, Mozzarella e Pomodoro.

Cin cin!
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