Wine Pairings for Lasagna di Broccoli

Wine pairings for Lasagna di Broccoli

Bianco: Tormaresca Chardonnay Puglia, Tormaresca Chardonnay Pietrabianca

Rosso: Tormaresca Fichimori, Tormaresca Masseria Maime

This pasta has plenty of richness thanks to its béchamel sauce, so wines from warmer regions will suit it best. Puglia’s wines can easily cover the pairing as well as a wide variety of personal preferences.

Bechamel and Chardonnay are a natural, creamy combo, especially Chardonnay that has been fermented in oak barrels to bring on a more robust texture and some baking spice notes, too. Those spice elements will work with the sauce’s nutmeg. The Pietrabianca also incorporates 10% of stainless steel tank-fermented Fiano to pump up its freshness so that the wine can wipe away the pasta’s butter and cheese. For those that say “ABC,” or “Anything But Chardonnay,” this winery’s unoaked Chardonnay provides a great alternative. It still has the medium-plus body typical of warmer climate Chardonnay, but it isn’t as lush on the palate. In fact, this one is harvested earlier, so it even has some fresh herb notes of sage and tarragon that blend well with the broccoli.

In the red category, it’s important to stay away from wines with new oak and with too much ripeness. That might seem hard in southern Italy, but in fact, it’s not. Furthermore, Tormaresca now makes a dry red wine meant to be chilled that would work very well. Its lower, 12.5% alcohol, bright red fruit flavors and thirst-quenching acidity really pep up the palate after a bite of this dense lasagne. If it’s a more classic red you want, try out the Negroamaro called Masseria Maime. Its generous cherry fruit and moderate tannins will revive the palate while its spice rack flavors will meld with the béchamel’s nutmeg.

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