Wine Pairings for Gnocchi con Ragu di Costine (Short Ribs)

Wine pairings for Gnocchi con Ragu di Costine

Rosato: Cantele Negroamaro Rosato, Castello Monaci Kreos Rosato, Leone di Castris Five Roses Rosato

Rosso: Alberto Longo Capoposto, Stella Negroamaro Puglia, Cantine Due Palme Primitivo Salento Ettamiano

The dense flavor of short ribs requires serious red wines. However, as warmer temperatures arrive, slightly lighter wines are often appreciated. While some full-bodied whites can work, rosato wines – which are basically half red and half white – do the job best. Expressive black grape varieties from the south, like Puglia’s Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera di Lecce, will stand up to this rich dish well.

Rosatos from Puglia tend to be medium-bodied. Because they are lighter than the gnocchi, they contrast with the pasta and offer refreshment. However, these youthful rosato wines do match the dish in powerful flavor with forest berry fruits offering relief from the savory beef.

Reds made from these grape varieties can do one of two things flavor-wise. Younger reds – like the rosatos – will deliver fruit intensity to lift and contrast the pasta. Older wines that are beginning to develop tertiary characters, like leather, earth and tobacco, will meld with the flavors of the dish. Either way, the combination of these hefty reds’ elevated acidity and moderately tugging tannins with relieve the palate and keep it primed for more gnocchi.

Check out our recipe for Gnocchi con Ragu di Costine.

Cin cin!
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