Wine Pairings for Gnocchi con Pomodorini e Basilico (Cherry Tomatoes and Basil)

Wine Pairings for Gnocchi con Pomodorini e Basilico

Whites: De Bartoli Grappoli del Grillo, De Bartoli Pietra Nera
Reds: Donnafugata Sedàra, Feudo Montoni Nero d’Avola

I can imagine several perfect wine pairings as Ed imagines eating this dish in the Sicilian summer heat. When I visited the coast in Palermo, I got a taste of the initial humidity and heat of estate (summer). Since we’re imaging things, here are my pairing picks for gnocchi enjoyed under the Sicilian sun.

Two dry whites would pair very well for different reasons. If I wanted a super-crisp one with a searing acidity to match the delightful tartness of even the sweetest cherry tomatoes, I’d pick the De Bartoli Grappoli del Grillo, made entirely of the local Grillo grape. On the other hand, if I wanted a wine showing moderate acidity and pumped up aromatics to match the basil, I’d crack open the De Bartoli Pietra Nera, made from the orange flower-like Zibibbo (a.ka. Moscato d’Alessandria.)

For reds, I’d choose supple wines; wines to pair with the fluffiness of Ed’s gnocchi. I’d also want wines with red fruits to mimic the flavor of the pomodorini. First, I’d choose the Donnafugata Sedàra. This is a wine made primarily from Nero d’Avola and seasoned with many other varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Alternatively, I’d go for one zeroed in on a native grape, like the 100% Nero d’Avola from Feudo Montoni. Feudo Montoni’s Nero d’Avola is particularly distinctive as it is a different clone (think of different types of apples, not Dolly the lamb) from all the rest planted in Sicily. It’s finer, lighter and brighter…just like cherry tomatoes.

Check out our recipe for Gnocchi con Pomodorini e Basilico.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury
Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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