Wine Pairings for Fusilli con Funghi, Pancetta e Pinoli (Mushrooms and Pine Nuts)

Wine pairings for Fusilli con Funghi, Pancetta e Pinoli

Spumante: Vigne Regali Alta Langa Cuvée Aurora Rosé and Pratello Brut Rosé
Bianco: Argiolas Iselis Bianco and Cappella Sant’Andrea Rialto

What a perfect pasta for the beginning of the winter months as mushrooms are the crop “di giorno” this time of year! This dish pairs well with rich whites as well as “metodo classico” sparkling wines. If you’re thirsty for a red, check out my last suggestions for a pasta with pine nuts or go for any earthy, flavored, medium-bodied red with no new oak.

Still whites with a hint of oak and richness will compliment this pasta beautifully. The first wine that comes to mind is a Nasco and Vermentino blend called Iselis Bianco made by the Sardinian producer Argiolas. It has a full body to match the richness of the pesto and a pronounced floral nose that will contrast nicely with the earthy undertones of the pine nuts and mushrooms. The second wine is called Rialto made by Tuscany’s Cappella Sant’Andrea. This wine is also a blend with floral top notes provided by Vernaccia and a bit of richness on the palate contributed by Chardonnay.

Sparkling wines made in the “metodo classico,” or traditional method, spirit are wines where the bubbles are made inside the bottle in which they are sold. This differs from Italian favorites like Prosecco, where the bubbles are produced in another vessel and then the wine is bottled. Wines made in the traditional method often have nutty notes that will team up well with the pine nuts. Furthermore, many sparkling wines made in this style are made with a portion of Pinot Noir, or Pinot Nero. There’s no better grape with an earthy undertone to match mushrooms! And, why not choose a festive rosé while we’re at it?! A recent discovery led me to Vigne Regali’s Alta Langa Cuvée Aurora Rosé made entirely of Pinot Noir. This bubbly has a compelling mix of earthiness and cream that will pair fantastically with this dish. Now, if you’re looking for a bubbly that’s on the adventurous side, I love Pratello’s Brut Rosé made from 80% Groppello (a black variety) and 20% Chardonnay. This sparkler is zesty and very generous in red fruit character.

Whatever your selection, I hope you enjoy!

Check out our recipe for Fusilli con Funghi, Pancetta e Pinoli and our About post that gives a brief history of the dish.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

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