Wine Pairings for Fettuccine con Sugo di Manzo (Beef Sirloin)

Wine pairings for Wine Pairings for Fettuccine con Sugo di Manzo

Rosso: Casa Maschito Battaia, Casa Maschito Portale Adduca, Casa Maschito Basilicata Rosso

Ed can’t stand “noodle.” My blood pressure rises at “house wine.” After all, what desirable things start with “house?” Housecoat, house slippers, housekeeping? “House wine” stands for something sippable enough you won’t complain (at least not too loudly)…or something cheap enough you’ll not care because your tab stays low (enough). When it comes to Italian wines, there’s too much sexiness to mess with anything starting with “house,” especially when it comes to the bold red wines that pair well with beef sirloin.

Of course, Italy isn’t shy of bold reds, so it’s important to pin down the right kind of wine character for this Sugo di Manzo. Barolo is bold. Amarone is bold. Brunello is bold…but, I wouldn’t recommend any of these heralded wines for this pasta. Barolo would be a bit lean, and Amarone would be too alcoholic. Brunello isn’t a shabby idea. But, what would be best is some very ripe fruit plumpness – on a dry wine with reasonable alcohol – that goes beyond even Tuscany’s generosity. So, for whatever wine you ultimately choose, look toward the sole of “the boot.” The succulent ripeness of these wines show very well against sirloin’s sweet fat, carb-driven sensations of the noodles fettuccine.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed a number of wines from the Casa Maschito estate in Basilicata. This property only makes Aglianico. I’ve known their Battaia bottling for a good six years now, and I love it because it is not only well-made but well-aged when it hits the market. Along the same lines, Casa Maschito vinifies with great respect for old traditions, so the wines are more savory than fruity thanks to their long cask aging. Their tannins are less compact and cutting than more youthful, quickly-bottled Aglianicos as they’ve had the time to meld with the rest of the wine. Whether you choose the Battaia, the Portale Adduca or the Basilicata Rosso, I am certain you will enjoy the match!

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine (MW)
Wine Editor

p.s. Check out our recipe for Fettuccine con Sugo di Manzo.

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