Wine Pairings for Cavatelli con Ricotta e Piselli (Peas)

Wine Pairings for Cavatelli con Ricotta e Piselli

Whites: Gulfi Estate Carjcanti, Cottanera Etna Bianco, Planeta Carricante

Don’t dispair! Many of the precise ingredients from Ed’s recipe may not be available, at your local stores, but I’m sure some of the local wines will be. My taste buds call for a white with this dish, and bottlings containing the Carricante grape, which I consider one of Sicily’s most exciting white varieties, are sure to make a terrific match.

Carricante is predominantly grown in eastern Sicily. Carricante shouldn’t be confused with the similar-sounding Catarratto, planted all over the western side of the island. Carricante carries bracing acidity, lime zest, fennel, Marcona almond and grapefruit juice notes. These refreshing and complex wines are the perfect complement for this summery pasta.

First, look for the Gulfi Estate Carjcanti. Gulfi is located about 40 minutes outside Ragusa. You can’t get much more “local” than that for a pairing! A portion of this wine was aged in large wood barrels (the others are all made in stainless steel), so it’s a little rounder on the palate than the two to follow. This cuvée has a wee addition of the local Albanello grape, somewhere around 5%. The next Carricante I suggest is from Cottanera. Like the Gulfi bottling, it contains a small addition of another white variety. This time it is the native Cataratto I mentioned above. Finally, Planeta makes a Carricante that is cento per cento (100%).

I find it hard to rank one of these #1. They’re all quite satisfying. If you have a favorite Carricante, whether it is one of these or another one, let me know!

Check out the recipe for Cavatelli con Ricotta e Piselli and our About post that gives a brief history on cavatelli.

Cin cin!
Christy Canterbury, Master of Wine
Wine Editor

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