Wine Pairings for Cappelletti con Crema di Lenticchie (Lentils)

Wine pairings for Cappelletti con Crema di Lenticchie

Bianco: Marjan Simcic Ribolla, Dolfo Rumena Rebula, Damijan Ribolla Gialla

Rosso: Scurek Merlot, Marjan Simcic Merlot Opoka, Scarbolo Merlot

This Sunday Pasta allows for a wide range of wine pairings. It is a dish dense in carbohydrates, so medium-to full-bodied wines are the territory to be in. As the pasta has a lot of earthy character with the lentils, more neutral varieties and/or older wines that are less fruit-driven work nicely. Northeastern Italy’s Friuli and neighboring Slovenia (whose Brda region was once part of Friuli) provide many excellent options.

Ribolla Gialla is a great variety to seek out in the white wine category. Also known as Rebula in Slovenia, wines made from this grape have the crisp acidity this dish needs. The grape can be crafted into a number of styles, from clean and citrusy to pithily tannic and savory. If you’re feeling highly adventurous, try an “orange wine” made with Ribolla. Be sure to serve orange wines at red wine temperatures or you will have an even more tannic wine.

Merlot from Northeastern Italy and Slovenia ages tremendously well. These cool climate Merlots are unlike the hulking styles of Napa and Washington states. They have refreshing acidity, less alcohol and – generally – less oak. So, rather than trying to dominate the dish, they will work in harmony with it. Don’t be afraid to try older wines from the area that have been properly stored. Their notes of earth and fallen autumn leaves will work synergistically with the lentils.

Check out our recipe for Cappelletti con Crema di Lenticchie.

Cin cin!
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