In this City del Galato, is there one shop that is considered by locals and tourists to be outstanding? Yes! VIVOLI!  This is not a large shop and the inside is a bit cramped but the gelato is really, really  good and made with excellent ingridents. Vivoli prides itself in selling only the flavors of gelatos that they have made that day, so everything is fresh and the flavors change frequently.  If you’re a gelato connoisseur then a stop at Vivoli is a must!

  • Address: Via isola delle stinche, 7r
  • City: Firenze
  • State/Region: Toscana
  • Zip: 50122
  • Website:
  • Price: $$
  • Phone: 39 055 292 334
  • Restaurant Type: Gelateria
  • Country: Italy

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