The restaurant was founded in 1890 as evidenced by the photo taken in 1895. Archaeologia is immersed in the beautiful park of Appia Antica and the imposing ruins of a Roman tomb and serves as a backdrop to the beautiful garden dominated by a majestic wisteria. For over 300 years it blooms, creating a delicious and fresh pergola. Archaelogia is a crossroads of cultures and cuisines, between the modern and the old, between the taste for good food and love for our history

  • Address: Via Appia Antica, 139
  • City: Roma
  • State/Region: Lazio
  • Zip: 00179
  • Phone: 39 06 788 0494
  • Website: http://www.larcheologia.it
  • Price: $$
  • Restaurant Type: Ristorante
  • Country: Italy

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