IL Vero Bar del Professore

The “True Professor Bar”opened in Naples in December of 1996 with the aim of proposing ‘new’ in the world of coffee. The vast experience in the field was already a family gift that was handed down from father to son for 40 years, and that is why the well-known “Raffaele Ferrieri” continued with love and passion this work combining multiple, traditional Neapolitan innovations. Perseverance, work, courtesy, and quality of products have made artists from around the world honor us with their presence to taste these delicious coffee.


  • Address: Pizza Trieste e Trento, 46
  • City: Napoli
  • State/Region: Campania
  • Phone: 81 40 30 41
  • Website:
  • Price: $$
  • Restaurant Type: Caffe
  • Country: Italy

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