Bar Ciccio Alimentari

Ever hear of strisce? What is strisce? According to Ciccio’s Florence-bornchef-parter Giacomo Romano, the word means “stripes”, and if you’ve never heard it applied to the world of pasta, its because Ramano made that part up. Romano’s strisce are flat and ribbon-y and irregularly cut. Unravel one on the plate, and it looks like a sizzling strip of bacon. That dish is just one of the charms on display in the former antiques-shop space that Ciccio occuplies.

  • Address: 190 Sixth Avenue, nr Vanham St
  • City: New York
  • Zip: 10012
  • Website: http://www.ciccionyc.com
  • Phone: 646-476-9498
  • Price: $$
  • Restaurant Type: Ristorante
  • Country: United States

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