Buon Natale and Happy Holidays from Sunday Pasta!

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Ed's Review

Buon Natale and Happy Holidays from Sunday Pasta! During this season of giving, please consider one of the greatest gifts of all: Cooking! When you teach someone to cook, you teach them:
  • To give and share: Be it a grandmother making dinner for 30 or a friend making cookies for another, to cook for someone is to care, to nourish, to love.
  • To care for themselves: When you know what goes into your food, you know what goes into your body.
  • To understand the world around them: From cow to farmer, from migrant worker to chef. When you cook, you see your place in our wonderful and fragile ecosystem.
  • To clean up after themselves: Clean as you go is in the number one rule of cooking!
  • To understand diversity: When you cook, you think about a diversity of flavors, ingredients, cultures and cuisines.
  • To create: Cooking is the oldest form of art.
  • To experiment with science: A pinch of this or that…At what temperature? With what fuel?  On what surface? Cooking is chemistry and physics too.
  • To relax: When you cook, you focus on the ingredients, the presentation, and the taste (on the good things in life).
  • To work hard: To beat, chop, mix, and knead is hard work.
  • To show compassion: When you cook, you think about the food you have, and the food others do not have.
So give the gift of cooking! And let us all count our blessings, and share in the abundance we are lucky to have, and show compassion for those who have not! Check out our About Panettone and Panettone Recipe for a look at a traditional Italian Christmas bread. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. And here's to a great 2018! Ed Garrubbo  

2 thoughts on “Buon Natale and Happy Holidays from Sunday Pasta!”

  1. Ed,
    Clean as you cook is the best gift a cook – or a host – can give! (aside from wonderful food and all the tantalizing aromas filling in the kitchen).
    Thank you for your delicious, helpful How To through the year. Buon Natale to you & yours.


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