About Penne al Cavolfiore

Penne al cavolfiore is a pasta and cauliflower dish that originated in the south of Italy and has become exceedingly popular in Sicily. The true Italian treasure, however is in the name and history. Cauliflower was adapted by the English, but Italy was the sole producer of this crop for centuries. The name cauliflower comes from the Italian word cavolo fiore, which means “cabbage flower.” (This is a long standing myth—in reality cauliflowers have nothing to do with cabbage!) The Latin root of the word means something close to “hollow stem.” Cauliflower is very closely related to broccoli, although usually without the pigment. Recently however, varieties of this veggie have been emerging in shades of purple and green. Despite this connection to broccoli and mistaken cabbage identity, the dish has a distinct taste that has helped it develop into a local favorite.

Check out our Penne al Cavolfiore recipe!

Contributed by Kara Scannell.

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