Gelato, literally meaning “frozen,” is smooth, round and colorful. Though found around the world, real Italian gelato is created by skilled artisans who take pride in their creations. There are quite a few characteristics that set gelato apart from ice cream. The combination of all natural ingredients, less air, and less butterfat give gelato a more intense and unique flavor. Gelato is also creamier due to the extreme skill and care of its makers. It is mixed by hand or machine until semi-frozen; this prevents the large ice crystals from forming. No artificial colorings or flavorings are used in authentic Italian gelato.

Flavors of Gelato

Popular Flavors
Amarena: Fior di Latte blended with a sour cherry sauce
Bacio: Hazelnut
Caffè: Coffee
Cannella: A lightly cinnamon-flavored gelato
Crema: Custard
Dulce de Leche: Sweetened milk/caramel-flavored gelato
Fragola: Strawberry
Frutti di Bosco: Mixed berry gelato
Gelato di Banana: Banana
Limone: Lemon
Liquirizia: Licorice gelato
Malaga: A rum-raisin flavored gelato
Menta: Mint
Noce di Cocco: Coconut
Panna Cotta: Cooked cream
Pesca: Peach
Pistacchio: Pistachio
Puffo: A blue, anise-flavored gelato
Riso: Gelato with bits of rice; like a rice pudding
Stracciatella: Fior di Latte with veins of chocolate
Tiramisù: Gelato version of the Italian dessert
Vaniglia: Vanilla
Zuppa Inglese: Cookies and sherry are mixed into a custard-flavored gelato
Cioccolato Fondente: Rich, dark chocolate
Cioccolato Fondente Extra Noir: Extra dark chocolate
Cioccolato al Latte: Milk chocolate
Cioccolato all’Arancia: Orange-flavored dark chocolate; can include bits of candied orange peel
Cioccolato con Peperoncino: Hot pepper-infused dark chocolate
Cioccolato all’Azteca: Cinnamon and hot pepper-infused dark chocolate
Bacio: Dark chocolate and hazelnut combination; often mixed with bits of real hazelnut
Gianduia: Native to Piedmont, this gelato is a mixture of milk chocolate and hazelnut
Caffè: Coffee-cream flavored gelato
Cocco: Coconut cream
Crema: Egg-custard flavor
Fior di Latte: A basic, sweet cream flavor; “flower of milk”
Zabaione: A Marsala wine-tinged custard flavor
Castagna: A seasonal specialty; chestnut
Mandorla: Almond
Nocciola: Plain hazelnut; no chocolate
Pistacchio: Pistachio nut-flavored gelato

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  1. What is Pend Choco? Tried it, tasted a bit like sweets. Is Pend an acronym for something? It was white covered in chocolate sauce. Thanks

  2. what if raffaela? I saw it in a gelataria and did not get it… did not ask either. Now I am dying to know what it is so I can try it!


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