About Spaghetti con Tonno (Tuna)

Spaghetti con Tonno, is a simple and straightforward favorite among Italians. The island of Sicily contains numerous fishing villages that are responsible for catching much of Italy’s seafood, including most of its tuna, so it is safe to say that Pasta con Tonno is of Sicilian origin.

Though the exact date of its creation is unknown, it is said to be at least a century old; Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian national hero and a key figure in the movement to unify Italy, was said to have eaten it upon his arrival in the Sicilian city of Marsala in the year 1860.

Other than the obvious ingredients (pasta and tuna), this dish usually includes olive oil and parsley.  Though it is certainly possible to use canned tuna for this dish, fresh tuna is ideal.

Check out our Spaghetti con Tonno recipe.

Contributed by Taylor Cooper.

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