About Rosmarino (Rosemary)

Rosemary or as the Italians say rosmarino loves to grow on the coast, hence its name, meaning “dew of the sea.” It has grown in Italy for a millennia, specifically in its dry scrub lands, with evidence of the Etruscans in Tuscany using it in their cuisine and burial rites. It has a history of soothing the stomach and stimulating the memory. Rosmarino seems to go with almost everything in la cucina Italiana, but combined with garlic, it is ambrosia for grilled meats, as well as for pasta too. A rosemary branch can be stuffed inside a whole fish or used as a basting brush, most evocatively, when roasting whole animals on a spit. Its leaves look like pine needles and it does have an evergreen appearance and related scent. But, unlike evergreens, rosmarino has beautiful flowers resembling tiny pale iris. Bees are fond of these flowers and make a lovely honey after visiting them.

Check out our recipe for Penne al Rosmarino and our wine pairings to complement the dish.

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