About Fettuccine con Salsa di Noci (Walnut Sauce)

Walnuts are believed to be indigenous to Persia, but the Romans cultivated them and brought them to Europe, where they were highly revered. Our salsa di noci (walnut sauce)  recipe hails from Liguria, the region in northwestern  Italy. High above the Mediterranean, shielded by mountains, Liguria is a fertile region, making a name for itself with its famous pesto sauce (from basil) and focaccia bread. The thick, creamy walnut sauce is often associated with the region’s most famous city, Genoa, and the herb-laden hills to its north. This recipe has become an elusive classic for its rich simplicity and limited presence on menus, but never underappreciated when served.

Check out our recipe for Fettuccine con Salsa di Noci and our wine pairings to compliment the dish.

Contributed by Kara Scannell.

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