About Fave (Fava Beans)

The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is rumored to be about this soft and unique bean that emerges every spring. The most difficult part of having fava as an ingredient is the delicate preparation of this tender produce. It requires shucking, boiling, and hand removal of the waxy covering. The time and commitment involved have made this legume slow to spread in the United States, although it remains popular in China and Europe.

Its history can be traced back to the Iron Age, where it was believed to be initially unearthed in the Mediterranean. It is now cultivated across the world. They are extremely important in Egypt, where they are used in traditional falafel recipes. The spread through Europe made this an interesting addition to Italian cuisine, and naturally it is combined with pasta for a dish that is said to be a peasant dish within the country, but, no worries, it is rich in flavor.

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Contributed by Kara Scannell.

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