About Cavatelli

Cavatelli is popular pasta in the Avellino province of Italy.  It is a pasta with a rolled edge or you could say they look like small ridged dumplings.

In America you can usually find them in an Italian specialty store frozen, but typically they are homemade in Italian households.  There are many ways that they are pronounced in different regions but cavatelli is the standard Italian pronunciation. As stated above, this pasta is traditionally made by hand.  The dough is rolled out, then the long strands of tubular pasta are cut into bite-sized pieces. Each noodle is then flattened by thumb, then rolled to form the curved, hot dog bun-shaped noodle the pasta is famous for.

Do not confuse them with gnocchi!  Gnocchi is usually made from potatoes where cavatelli are usually made with ricotta!  Enjoy your new knowledge of cavatelli with your Sunday Pasta!

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p.p.s And for more recipes that use cavatelli try Cavatelli con Salciccia, Burro e Salvia and the wine pairings to complement the dish.

Donna Picciocchi, Editor

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