About Cavatelli con Broccoli

Although it is sometimes confused with gnocchi due to its thicker composition, cavatelli is a unique pasta. Historically, it originiated in Sicily and southern Italy and is known for its rolled edge which is good for holding creamier sauces. Today they are sold at specialty stores but cavatelli remains a favorite homemade pasta in many Italian homes. Cavatelli dough is made from flour, seminola, and water, and sometimes ricotta cheese.  The pasta is rolled out then cut into small pieces, then flattened and curved by hand. This pasta is especially popular in the Avellino province of Italy. Broccoli is the most popular accompaniment with cavatelli, although mushrooms and shrimp are also sometimes included.

Check out our Cavatelli con Broccoli recipe as well as our wine pairings to compliment this dish.

Contributed by Kara Scannell.

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