Tignanello Vino

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Wine grapes on the vine.

Wine grapes on the vine.

Wine grapes on the vine.

Following the creation of Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) regulations, a growing number of winemakers in Italy grew dissatisfied with the new limitations to their craft, as elsewhere around the world other winemakers enjoyed the freedom to innovate and test new methods. One such restless winemaker was Piero Antinori. The Antinori family had been members of the Florentine Winemaker’s Guild for twenty-six generations (600 years), so when Piero moved to break with DOC regulations in 1971, the world wine community took notice. Piero developed a wine called Tignanello which was modeled after an obscure wine called Sassicaia.

Because Tignanello and Sassicaia did not adhere to DOC regulations, they were placed in the lowest class of wine vino da tavola (table wine). Despite this lowly official status, Piero placed exorbitant price tags on the two wines, which the wine drinking community as well as the wine press were more than willing to pay, and came to deem these wines (and those to follow) the Super Tuscans.  As the popularity of these and other nonconformist wines grew, there came the need for a new designation, thus Indicazione Geographica Tipica (IGT) came to be in 1992. In 2008 Piero Antinori was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine for his innovative contributions to Italian viticulture.

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Taavi Lehtimaki is currently a student of Literature at West Chester University, and resides with his French Bulldog, Rocco, in the vivacious restaurant district of West Chester Pennsylvania. Previously the floor manager and sommelier of an upscale Italian restaurant, Taavi maintains a warm romance with Italian cuisine and culture. Taavi is also a former freelance writer for Content Kings Media Group (CKMG) of Santa Monica where his interest in researching all things Italian was further nurtured.  With a bottomless passion for history, art, literature, and wine, Taavi’s interests are naturally entwined with Italy.

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