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Toscana Divino

Toscana Divino features a full-restaurant, presenting both the most contemporary and traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisine. Including the world famous Fiorentina steak. The menu draws its inspiration for classic dishes found... Read More »


Balsamic vinegar, the best coming traditionally from Modena. It is made from a cooked grape must known as saba, then aged for several years, with some vinegars dating back a century or more. The finest have a DOC. designation,... Read More »


Cow's and goat's milk cheese from... Read More »


Dish of thin slices of raw meat dressed with olive oil, lemon, and parmesan... Read More »


"Diplomatic," a rum-soaked pound cake or lady fingers cake layered with custard and candied... Read More »


Romagna pasta dumplings pressed to form grooves on the... Read More »


Slender pork sausage, a specialty of... Read More »


Preserved fish made from Lake Como... Read More »

Pappa al pomodoro

One of Tuscany's most famous soups, pappa al pomodoro is made with stale bread and ripe tomatoes with the addition of garlic, onions, and basil. Before serving, the soup must be drizzled with olive... Read More »


Jellied white custard, flavored with pistachios and... Read More »