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Sunday Pasta®: Garganelli con Salciccia e Piselli (Sausage and Peas)

"Stay away from the wine and the women."  I once knew a kid whose father constantly gave him that advice, which was meant to get his son to do nothing but study.  At that time, I didn't even really know what wine and women... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Capellini con Piselli 640

Sunday Pasta®: Capellini con Piselli (Peas)

Intelligence is often correlated to brain size, which is often correlated to head size. But we all know some pretty dumb people with big heads, so neuroscientists prefer to correlate brain size to overall body mass as a way of... Read More »

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Sunday Pasta Tortellini alla Panna con Piselli 2 640

Sunday Pasta ® Recipe: Tortellini alla Panna con Piselli (Cream and Peas)

They say that the shape of tortellini was inspired by Venus' navel, which was so beautiful that a chef in Emilia-Romagna created the pasta in its image. According to legend, he spied her belly button through the keyhole of a... Read More »

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Sunday Pasta Paglia e Fieno 2-13 640x480

Sunday Pasta® Recipe: Paglia e Fieno (Prosciutto and Peas)

I currently live out in the country, where many of my neighbors are horses. This, as opposed to life in New York, where many of my neighbors were merely asses.  Although I certainly do miss the city's rich cultural offerings, I... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Cavatelli con Ricotta e Piselli 640

Sunday Pasta®: Cavatelli con Ricotta e Piselli (Peas)

My dear friend Tantalus strikes again.  Just try to take a nibble. I dare you. It's almost torturous of  me to tantalize you with this tempting and titillating treat  since it will be nearly impossible for you to taste. So... Read More »

Oreecchiette with Sausage and Peas 940

Sunday Pasta™: Orecchiette (Sophia) con Salciccia (Sophia) e Piselli (Sophia) (Sausage and Peas)

Ok. Ok. This post has absolutely nothing to do with Sophia Loren, but last week's recipe from her cookbook got so much attention that I figured I'd milk it as much as possible. This week's recipe is actually adapted from my... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Mardi Gras Rigatoni 940

Sunday Pasta™: Mardi Gras Rigatoni con Zafferano, Piselli e Radicchio (Saffron and Peas)

"Down in New Orleans where the blues was born, it takes a cool cat to blow a horn..." as the song goes.  It maybe Mardi Gras weekend, but Sunday Pasta must go on, even with a hangover. To get fully in the spirit, I've taken a... Read More »