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The Art and Science of Beautiful Espresso

Espresso is an artisanal drink, intertwined with the maker, requiring skill, patience, and passion. This concept is at odds with modern society, which is why finding authentic Italian espresso is so hard these days. In... Read More »


Trattoria del Nuovo Macello

Our family's history begins in this restaurant in 1959. This is the start of our story, in the heart of the Milanese culinary tradition and the warmth of the sincere welcome of simple people who love their work, like our... Read More »

Italian Cheeses (Formaggi)

Ancient Romans developed cheese-making into a precise art using many of the skills from earlier times. The Romans understood that varying cures and treatments infused their cheese with unique flavors. They were also the first... Read More »

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Candied... Read More »

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Kid, a young goat 1 1/2 to 4 months old, usually... Read More »

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Chestnuts, usually roasted over coals, boiled, used as a stuffing, and candied. Marrone is the largest and most prized... Read More »

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Brain; veal and lamb brains, may be cooked in various... Read More »

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Restaurant... Read More »

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Sauerkraut, consumed mostly in northern Italy along the Austrian... Read More »

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