la panineria 2

La Panineria

It is a very small shop that you could easily pass by, but it's an authentic Italian panini bar and you will pretty much have the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth sandwich. The ingredients are extremely high quality and fresh They... Read More »

posto nola

Il Posto Cafe

Cute Italian café nestled in a cosy uptown neighborhood on Dryades Street. It has a great homey atmosphere with courteous and friendly staff. New Orleans native Madison Curry opened this charming café in 2007. It serves... Read More »


Malaparte Restaurant

The restaurant is located on a quiet corner in the far West Village. The cuisine is inspired by the cooking of Rimini on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Two classic dishes are the grilled branzino and the calamari alla griglia.... Read More »


La Casa del Caffe

This charming caffe is located in the Bronx. That espresso is the reason you've walked into this stark little room with Neapolitan soccer paraphernalia on the walls and zany Italian game shows on the TV. Anna Agovino will never... Read More »


MODA Espresso Bar

The Moda espresso bar is just the place for good espresso in NYC. The mozzarella is made in-house plus the breads and pastries are baked fresh daily. So stop by this caffe for a quick lunch with your espresso, you won't be... Read More »


I am coffee

If you want awesome espresso and cappuccino, this is the place to visit. This tiny coffee place is located in St Marks Place but has that "European" feel to it.  There are no seats or tables inside but this place is bursting... Read More »


Pinocchio Cafe

If you can't start your day without a coffee, or cappuccino, or latte then Pinocchio's is the place to visit. The owner, who came from Tuscany, is extremely friendly and welcoming.  You can find extracts from Collodi's... Read More »

caffe respior 10

Caffe Respiro

 Don't miss the chalk board menu outside!! A great place for coffee or a casual lunch. Authentic Italian sandwiches, great salads and delicious hot dishes, all made with top quality ingredients.  Combine the good food,... Read More »


Bianco Latte

If you are looking for a nice informal atmosphere but great fresh food, Bianco Latte is the place to go. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or how about a dish of ice cream - this cozy caffe is the place to... Read More »


Pasticceria Cova

Cova was founded by Antoni Cova, a soldier under Napoleon, in 1817  and opened  its doors beside the famous "La Scala" theatre. A retreat for high-society members whose elegent conversations played out to the  accompaniment... Read More »