Restaurant Type

Trattoria Milanese

Trattoria Milanese

If you want a taste of traditional milanese cuisine without too many frills but well executed, this is the place. Wide range of dishes, excellent service, and fantastic food plus quick service.  This is not a fancy restauarnt,... Read More »


Trattoria del Nuovo Macello

Our family's history begins in this restaurant in 1959. This is the start of our story, in the heart of the Milanese culinary tradition and the warmth of the sincere welcome of simple people who love their work, like our... Read More »


Antica Pesa Brooklyn

Antica Pesa is the best Italian food you will ever have outside of Italy. A perfect mix of casual and chic, the bustling restaurant balances simple sophistication with fine cuisine and washes it down with a bubbly atmosphere.... Read More »


La Casa del Caffe

This charming caffe is located in the Bronx and has the best ESPRESSO!!! That espresso is the reason you've walked into this stark little room with Neapolitan soccer paraphernalia on the walls and zany Italian game shows on the... Read More »


Fiumara Beach Restaurant

It's a little out of the way place, facing a beautiful beach. The staff is friendly, easy going and accomodating. The wine is good. The bear is cold.  The beach is wide and sandy and free of rocks plus the water is very... Read More »


Cucina Rosti

The central hall of Rosti is the real workshop of cooking! People eating in the dining room will be in the company of chefs at work in the kitchen. The room to the left is characterized by long tables and more of a family... Read More »


MODA Espresso Bar

The Moda espresso bar is just the place for good espresso in NYC. The mozzarella is made in-house plus the breads and pastries are baked fresh daily. So stop by this caffe for a quick lunch with your espresso, you won't be... Read More »

la sorbetteria

La Sorbetteria Castiglione

A great place to visit after you finish a meal in Brera. Plus the staff is passionate about their product and the service is quick but very friendly.  There are several of these shops throughout Italy so stop at them... Read More »


Locanda 4 Cuochi

This restuarant is 100 meters from the Area on a side street - a great place to get a pre-opera meal. The standard of cooking is exceptional, the service first rate and operated by people who clearly understand the concept of the... Read More »


Pipero Al Rex

This gourmet  restaurant is located in the Rex Hotel on the ground floor. It opened in October  2011 and by November 2012 all ready had its first Michelin star! This dining room is elegantly decorated but rather small.... Read More »