Pasta Recipes

Pasta on Sunday is a tradition enjoyed by Italians around the world. Family and friends gather together to share their traditional or try new ones. In order to preserve this unifying and magical tradition, The Garrubbo Guide is proud to publish our weekly features Sunday Pasta® recipe. In addition to the authentic pasta recipe, we provide historical background and our accompanying wine recommendation. Buon Appetito!

Sunday Pasta Fusilli con Ricotta di Bufala 640

Sunday Pasta®: Fusilli con Ricotta di Bufala (Buffalo Ricotta)

"Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam. And the skies are not cloudy all day."  Now, I'm not talking about a little house on the prairie where the buffalo are actually called buffalo.  I'm talking about a home (tastefully... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Spaghetti con Zucchini 940

Sunday Pasta®:Spaghetti con Zucchini

Why is it that most people can pronounce the word “zucchini” with relative ease but can’t seem to manage a proper “bruschetta?”  Believe me, this is not a mere tomato-tomahto, potato-potahto kind of thing; it’s just... Read More »

Spaghetti alle Fragole 640

Sunday Pasta®: Spaghetti alle Fragole (Strawberries)

Wimbledon Schwimbledon. Feast on your eyes on this, the Italian version of strawberries and cream. I first tasted spaghetti with strawberries a dozen years ago at a restaurant near the Vatican in Rome. I remember thinking: 1)... Read More »

Farfalle al Salmone 640

Sunday Pasta®: Farfalle con Salmone (Salmon)

Man cannot live on wienerschnitzel alone. (Nor Riesling for that matter.) Greetings from Vienna. It's beautiful. It's clean. It's safe. Plus, Vladimir Putin is in town on a state visit, and he always brings a festive atmosphere... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Tagliatelle con Ragu Bianco 640

Sunday Pasta®: Tagliatelle con Ragu Bianco (Meat Sauce)

All eyes are on the World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil, sponsored by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). This is not to be confused with the National Football League (NFL), home to American... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Penne con le Fave 640

Sunday Pasta®: Farfalle con le Fave e Pecorino (Fava Beans)

Come with me and you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look and you'll see Into your imagination   If you want to view paradise Simply look around and view it Anything you want to, do it Want to change the... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Barbabietole 640

Sunday Pasta®: Farfalle con Barbabietole (Beets)

I think about beets a lot, partially because I love the lyrical sound of the word in Italian: Barbabietole. I can say it over and over again: Bar-ba-bi-e-to-le. Partially because I love the playful sound of the word in Spanish:... Read More »

Image by Fabio Paparelli.

Sunday Pasta®: Garganelli con Salciccia e Piselli (Sausage and Peas)

"Stay away from the wine and the women."  I once knew a kid whose father constantly gave him that advice, which was meant to get his son to do nothing but study.  At that time, I didn't even really know what wine and women... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Gnocchi con Ragu di Costine 640

Sunday Pasta®: Gnocchi con Ragu di Costine (Short Ribs)

I wish I were a dog.  Actually, sometimes I think I am one.  You see, dogs and I are simpatico; we connect.  They are man's best friend, after all, and so this shouldn’t be a surprise.  In fact,  it's folly to think that... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Capellini con Piselli 640

Sunday Pasta®: Capellini con Piselli (Peas)

Intelligence is often correlated to brain size, which is often correlated to head size. But we all know some pretty dumb people with big heads, so neuroscientists prefer to correlate brain size to overall body mass as a way of... Read More »