Yes, you should buy an Italian dictionary, but until then please see our list of important Italian culinary terms. We also provide detailed information about the most popular Italian foods and wines. After all, you need to understand what you are eating! Buon Appetito!

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  • Q.B. (Quanto basta)

    A term used in recipes to mean "as needed," or "to taste"; literally "as much as is... Read More »


    Small, square egg pasta generally used in... Read More »


    The period of time in the liturgical calendar known as Lent, meals that are served during the quaresima are by necessity meatless and... Read More »


    Roast young goat, stuffed with... Read More »

    Quattro staggioni

    This term literally means "four seasons" and is usually applied to a kind of pizza with four distinct toppings. Although these toppings can vary, they usually include artichokes, pancetta, and... Read More »