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  • Aguglia

    Needlefish, usually grilled or... Read More »

    Ai ferri

    Any food cooked over an open... Read More »

    Al dente

    "To the tooth," referring to the tender but firm texture of cooked pasta. This "just-right" texture maintains the most flavor within the pasta itself, which is as important as any sauce... Read More »

    Al forno

    Any food baked in an... Read More »

    Al fresco

    Outdoors, referring to a meal taken... Read More »

    Alaccia Africana

    Sardine-like fish of the Mediterranean, usually grilled or... Read More »


    Albacore tuna, which is cooked in the same way as tuna (tonno), often canned either in olive oil or water. Mostly found in Sicilian... Read More »


    Ring-shaped cookies made with wine and olive... Read More »

    Albesi al Barolo

    Piedmontese cookies made with chocolate hazelnuts and Barolo... Read More »


    Apricot, not widely cultivated in... Read More »