Yes, you should buy an Italian dictionary, but until then please see our list of important Italian culinary terms. We also provide detailed information about the most popular Italian foods and wines. After all, you need to understand what you are eating! Buon Appetito!

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  • Dado

    Bouillon... Read More »


    Fallow deer, usually grilled or roasted, often after marinating in red... Read More »


    Date, consumed both fresh and... Read More »

    Dattero di mare

    "Date of the sea," a mussel-like mollusk, boiled or... Read More »


    Dolphin, whose meat is usually cut into strips and dried, served as an antipasto in... Read More »

    Denti di leone

    "Lion's teeth." Dandelion greens, boiled or used in... Read More »


    West Mediterranean sea bream or red snapper, a fleshy fish best broiled, grilled or... Read More »

    Diavola, alla

    "Devil's style," referring to hot seasoning or cooking over red hot coals, as with grilled chicken called pollo alla... Read More »


    "Little devils." Sugar coated... Read More »