Yes, you should buy an Italian dictionary, but until then please see our list of important Italian culinary terms. We also provide detailed information about the most popular Italian foods and wines. After all, you need to understand what you are eating! Buon Appetito!

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  • Babà

    Ring-shaped yeast cake usually soaked in rum,  typical of... Read More »

    Babà al Rhum

    A sweet leavened cake soaked in rum... Read More »


    Small snails, cooked in garlic or tomato... Read More »


    Salted, dried... Read More »

    Baccalà in zimino

    A Tuscan codfish recipe.  The codfish is cooked in extra-virgin olive oil with... Read More »

    Baccala’ mantecato

    Dried salt cured cod beaten into a thick... Read More »


    Livornese soft ewe's milk cheese. It is traditionally accompanied by fava... Read More »


    "Kisses." Chocolate-hazelnut candies, a specialty of the Perugina... Read More »

    Baci di dama

    "Lady's kisses," chocolate-covered almond cookies, from... Read More »


    Fava beans shelled and cooked fresh or dried and reconstituted in... Read More »