Yes, you should buy an Italian dictionary, but until then please see our list of important Italian culinary terms. We also provide detailed information about the most popular Italian foods and wines. After all, you need to understand what you are eating! Buon Appetito!

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  • Abboccato

    A slightly sweet wine. The wines of Orvieto most often take this... Read More »


    A dish from Molise of baked involtini of lamb intestines filled with sweetbreads, hard-boiled eggs and... Read More »

    Abruzzese, all’

    Any dish prepared "in the style of Abruzzo," such dishes usually contain hot chili peppers called diavolicchio, which are characteristic of the... Read More »


    A lavish dish of Sardinia in which a whole sheep is stuffed with a suckling pig and roasted over a pit of hot... Read More »


    Cow's milk cheese from Piedmont. It is a summer cheese and slightly... Read More »


    To truss meat or poultry for roasting on a spit or... Read More »


    Unripe,... Read More »