Italian food is the most popular in the world and is the result of centuries of innovation,
experimentation, study, and artisanal mastery. We hope to preserve and promote authenticityIn this section, we provide a condensed history and accurate description of the most popular Italian foods: Pizza, Pasta, Bread, Cheese, Olive Oil, Salumi, Desserts, Gelato, and Espresso. We also provide a map of the regions of Italy, each with its own rich history and culinary specialties. We hope to preserve and promote authenticity!


About Ragù al Napoletano

The definition and preparation of a Neapolitan ragù  can vary from town to town, house to house, person to person. The Italian word ragù, from the French word ragout, is the basic term for a meat sauce in Italy. Ragù alla... Read More »

About Lasagna 640

About Lasagna

Lasagna is ancient (quite literally) and the dish is just as rich as its history. Lasagna is an age-old recipe that has two known origins. Some say the name comes from the Latin word "laganon" meaning thin strips of bread or... Read More »

About Conchiglie Bolognese con Piselli

About Bolognese

As the name may indicate Bolognese originated in Bologna, Italy in the early nineteenth century. This ragu is traditionally made with tomatoes or tomato paste and heavily laden with meat. The sauce begins as a  medley of... Read More »

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About Rigatoni alla Gricia (Pancetta and Onion)

This dish is Roman through and through.  If you spend time in the Eternal City this pasta is sure to become a good friend as well as some other better known Roman pasta dishes---bucatini all’amatriciana, spaghetti alla... Read More »

Panettone Christmas 640


Soft and sweet, filled with bits of candied fruit and raisins, panettone is a classic Italian Christmas dessert. This recipe below is from Academia Barilla. p.s. Check out the history of Panettone... Read More »

About Salsa al Pomodoro 640

About Penne al Sugo di Pomodoro (Tomato Sauce)

There are literally hundreds of pasta recipes that involve tomatoes. This means that there are at least as many names for their sauces. With so many regions and dialects in Italy, and a global emigration, it should be no surprise... Read More »

About Proscuitto 640

About Prosciutto

There is probably a prosciutto for every village in Italy. For the good stuff, a master salumiere hand-trims and inspects each prosciutto ham.  An intensive curing process includes rubbing and salting by hand, followed by long... Read More »

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About Burrata

This week's Sunday Pasta recipe calls for burrata.  Many may ask, "What is burrata?'  You have come to the right place.  This cheese hails from Puglia.  It is luxurious raw cow’s milk cheese is really mozzarella plus – it... Read More »

About Gorgonzola 640

About Gorgonzola

Gorgonzola Dolce.  What is it?  This is authentic blue cheese from Lombardy, Italy and it is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Gorgonzola Dolce is often imitated, but never matched. The authentic Italian version comes in two... Read More »

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About Basilico (Basil)

Originally from Africa, basil (or basilico as called in Italy) was brought to Italy from Persia by the Greeks, who must have thought highly of it.  Basilkos is Greek for “king.”  The Romans introduced its therapeutic use in... Read More »