Pizzeria Salvo

A hidden-gem pizzeria located in San Giorgio a Cremano, just outside... Read More »


Gelateria Dei Gracchi

In Rome there is still someone who likes to do things the old way of not caring about OMG and technologies.  Manassei Albert, master ice cream maker by profession and an artist in life, decided to go back to the ice cream as it... Read More »


IL Matriciano Ristorante

This is a family restaurant with a relaxed, yet refined atmosphere with a devoted following. It is near St. Peter's and just a few blocks from the Vatican Museums. The food is great with generous portions and offers many daily... Read More »


Dal Bolognese

Fine Bolognese cuisine mixed with a people-watching atmosphere make Dal Bolognese an exciting, chic dining spot. Located right on the Piazza del Popolo, it is extremely popular with politicians, models, actors, artists, and... Read More »



REDIBIS features regional Umbrian cuisine utilizing only the freshest local ingredients.  The restaurant occupies a well-preserved part of the two ambulatories of Mevania Roman theatre which was built in the I century A.D.... Read More »


il Boom

Il Boom" offers an enchanting environment inspired by the 1960s .  Between the jukebox,  posters,and objects d'epoca, just look around to make this unique journey through... Read More »


Giggetto Al Portico D’Ottavia

Located in the historical center of Rome, Giggetto offers a roman jewish... Read More »

Neve Di Latte

Neve Di Latte

New gelato shop with all natural and quality... Read More »


Tiramisu, La Trattoria

 The restaurant has a warm, homely and pleasant atmosphere, with lots of specialized seafood... Read More »



An old fashion bakery filled with breads, tasteful specialities every day in accordance with the best Roman... Read More »