Nobile bistro de milan

When you think of breakfast  do you think of  bread with butter and jam or  how about coffee and croissants instead -think Nobile. Don't have alot of  time for lunch but still want to enjoy a good meal in a welcoming... Read More »

Osteria Madonnetta

Osteria Madonnetta

Osteria Madonnetta traces its origin to 1904 and whom ever enters feels transported back to the past. An old tavern that has been handed down from  generation to generation, but has kept intack its genuine simplicity. Very... Read More »


Caffe Garibaldi

The Caffè Garibaldi is an institution in the public life of Vicenza. After a one year renovation, the restaurant reopened May 3, 2012, in the heart of Vicenza, in Piazza Dei Signori. So whether you are looking for a cafe,... Read More »


La Sorbetteria

New store! La Sobetteria just opened its new store in Milano in June 2012.  Owners Marina and James have created a delicious ice cream made with high quality natural ingredients and lots of... Read More »



In this City del Galato, is there one shop that is considered by locals and tourists to be outstanding? Yes! VIVOLI!  This is not a large shop and the inside is a bit cramped but the gelato is really, really  good and made... Read More »


Pasticceria Cova

Cova was founded by Antoni Cova, a soldier under Napoleon, in 1817  and opened  its doors beside the famous "La Scala" theatre. A retreat for high-society members whose elegent conversations played out to the  accompaniment... Read More »


IL Francescano Trattoria

Within its 3 rooms of eccentric elegance, this restaurant is decorated with chandeliers, antiques, vintage prints, marble tables and wicker chairs, including marble slabs on the walls, mirrors and antique wooden furniture.  An... Read More »


Antica Osteria del Ponte

In the Lombardy countryside, along the Naviglio near Milan, is an elegant century structure  enchanced by the fireplace and beamed ceiling which has evolved over the years.  The secret of success lines in managing a family... Read More »


LaPesa Trattoria

An informal setting with exposed beams, checkered tablecloths and candlelight create the right atmosphere.  Food is good, friendly service and a wide selection of local... Read More »


Osteria Pistoia

This trattoria is located in the heart of Monteverde and very popular  with the young people but also a great place to spend an evening with friends.  The food is delicious  and made with quality ingredients plus a  good... Read More »