Firenze (Florence)


Lungarno 23

Freshness from the countryside to the city!  Lungarno 23 is the place where you can enjoy authentic, big,  juicy, healthy, gourmet  burgers made only with Tuscan Chianina meat. The trattoira is run by the owners of Tenuta La... Read More »



In this City del Galato, is there one shop that is considered by locals and tourists to be outstanding? Yes! VIVOLI!  This is not a large shop and the inside is a bit cramped but the gelato is really, really  good and made... Read More »


IL Francescano Trattoria

Within its 3 rooms of eccentric elegance, this restaurant is decorated with chandeliers, antiques, vintage prints, marble tables and wicker chairs, including marble slabs on the walls, mirrors and antique wooden furniture.  An... Read More »


Alle Murate

Restaurant Alle Murate is a unique place, it's a restaurant and a museum at the same time. It is the home to a hugely valuable artistic and historic heritage possible to visit even with the support of audioguides. For the past 30... Read More »


La Giostra

Years ago, the Hapsburg Lorena princes decided to open a restaurant in Florence: La Giostra. The news of a noble family handling with dishes and napkins caused a sensation, but not for everyone. The family friends who were... Read More »


Trattoria Pandemonio

This trattoria was opened in 1992 by the Brogi Family. It is located in the center of Florence, in the heart of the Frediano neighborhood, where you can find genuine home made cooking by "Mamma" combined with Tuscan tradition... Read More »



The food is simply cooked and relies on fresh produce to give the dishes their flavor.  Great food, the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly, plus the  prices are reasonable. Their famous cheesecake sells out quickly.  It is... Read More »

Mama Gina

Mamma Gina

A lovely restaurant tucked away on a small street in the Oltrarno-the area across the river Arno from the historic city center. Many tourists as well as the locals enjoy this quiet atmosphere. The food is fresh, with excellent... Read More »