Pastificio San Lorenzo

The Pastificio San Lorenzo restaurant is located inside the Pastificio Ceres, a former pasta factory which became famous in the eighties as the site of the "Group of San Lorenzo". Even today, some of the space of the former... Read More »



Arancina Pizzerias can be found in Rome and London and are loved for their particular style of artisan hand-stretched, hand topped rectangular pizza. Their special dough is a secret recipe, with a blend of premium flours and... Read More »

super tuscan

Super Tuscan

Super Tuscan believes that good Italian food means quality ingredients cooked with minimum fuss to bring out maximum flavor. They offer more unusual and finer wines combined with the best of the old favorites from Italy. They... Read More »



This restaurant is owned by a family in the southern regions, and offers a menu focusing on the Calabria region. It is located very close to Porta Romano. The pasta is made fresh daily!! A true Calabrese restaurant that is... Read More »

gelateria solferino2

Gelateria Solferino

Highly recommended! They have several flavors here that are really unique. Ginger (with chucks of candied ginger) and Lemon Cream. All are excellent! Of course they offer the usual selection of local favorite... Read More »



In the Presolana mountain pass (Bergamo) this Chalet style restaurant has amazing landscapes to enjoy while eating regional, traditional food, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  The dining room has a big fireplace and there are... Read More »


Caffe Coloniale

Nice place to stop for coffee and a pastry. Located in a back street and a short distance from Piazza dell'Erbe. It has several rooms inside plus a large seating area outside.  They have a nice menu of coffee drinks, large... Read More »


Giovanni Scaturchio

The sweet history of Naples. In 1905 John Scaturchio opened his bakery in the heart of the historic center of Naples. After over one hundred years from the opening of the pastry and forty of the new laboratory, the products are... Read More »

li verno

IL Vero Bar del Professore

The "True Professor Bar"opened in Naples in December of 1996 with the aim of proposing 'new' in the world of coffee. The vast experience in the field was already a family gift that was handed down from father to son for 40 years,... Read More »

carluccios market place


This branch of Carluccios is the original from which the popular Italian restaurant chain began. It is two minutes from Oxford Circus in what's sometimes known as 'No-Ho' (North of Soho) The Caffe was originally a fashion... Read More »