Christopher Boffoli

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Ever wondered what “Honey I Shrunk My Kids” would look like in real life? Artist Christopher Boffoli almost brings the movie magic to life in his fine art photography series called “Big Appetites” It features tiny diligently detailed figures posed in real life food surroundings. This fantastic series references both a cultural curiosity about an imaginative tiny world as well as the American love for food. I wonder if world hunger could be solved if we were all that small….

3 Responses to Christopher Boffoli

  1. Christopher Boffoli says:

    Large prints from the Big Appetites series are available, for viewing and purchase, at a solo show running through the summer at Winston Wächter Fine Art in New York (530 West 25th Street, Chelsea).

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  2. Gary says:

    I miss the captions, :(

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