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Ed Garrubbo has been studying, cooking, searching for, and thinking about la cucina italiana for as long as he can remember. He cooks a wide range of Italian dishes, but loves his pasta most. He visits restaurants, cooking schools, markets, and food artisans across Italy, and wherever Italians practice their craft. He is a member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, and is a citizen of both the United States and Italy.

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Sunday Pasta Caserecci con Zucchine e Caprino Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Caserecci con Zucchine e Caprino (Goat Cheese)

Of goats, goat cheese, and goatees... continued... Yes, goats, their cheese, and their namesake beards are still trending up this week. Goats are taking over, I tell you!  But this isn't why we're revisiting the... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Spaghetti con Formaggio di Capra Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Spaghetti con Pomodorini e Caprino (Goat Cheese)

Of goats, goat cheese, and goatees... Goats are back. Sure they've been man's second best friend for thousands of years, but these days goats are making headlines.  There are goat meat restaurants, goat ice cream shops, and... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Risotto al Asparagi Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Risotto al Asparagi

Spring has sprung and so have asparagus. So put a spring in your step and go fetch yourself a bunch while they’re fresh. Really, get to the market velocius quam asparagi coquantur.  (That’s Latin for “faster than asparagus... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Tagliatelle con Ragu di Agnello 640

Sunday Pasta®:Tagliatelle con Ragú di Agnello (Lamb)

It’s that time of year again and I’ve got lamb on my mind. I can already taste our Easter leg of lamb, stuffed with garlic and rosemary. I love lamb chops too, especially at a cocktail party when the tiny little ones are... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Pappardelle al Cacao con Ragu di Maiale Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Pappardelle al Cacao con Ragu di Maiale (Chocolate with Pork Rib)

The word probably comes from a combination of the Mayan chocol and the Axtec word cacahuatl.  The Spanish conquistadors didn't like the idea of drinking a warm brown beverage that sounded like caca, so they had the good sense to... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Ravioli con Crema do Pistachhio -The Rana Challenge - The Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Ravioli con Crema di Pistacchio – The Rana Ravioli Challenge

Eat Ravioli. Stop Hunger! (And I don’t mean your piddly stomach rumblings.) To help celebrate National Ravioli Day, March 20th, and more importantly, to combat hunger, please join us in promoting the... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Risotto al Barolo Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Risotto al Barolo

I'm not stupid you know. I know that this blog is called Sunday Pasta and that this is a recipe for risotto, which is made with arborio or carnoroli rice, and not pasta. But who's on first, and what's on second you ask, and I say... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Orecchiette con Stracciatella Cheese Part 2 Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Orecchiette con Stracciatella (Cheese)

Who needs Cold War when you can have hot pasta? They say that peace is made around the table. If this is truly the case, then this delicious bowl of orecchiette con straciatella could calm the most restless of peoples. Let’s... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Cennelloni alla Napoletana Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Cannelloni

Dear President Obama, Rudy Giuliani is asking whether you love America. But all I really want to know is whether you love cannelloni. These delicious tubes of pasta, stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta, spinach and/or ground... Read More »

Sunday Pasta Spaghetti all'Arancia (Orange) Garrubbo Guide

Sunday Pasta®: Spaghetti all’Arancia (Orange)

Orange is the new lemon. That's right, lemon is so last season -- or maybe,  so last year. When I think of lemons, I think of Sorrento, summer, and spaghetti al limone.  When I think of oranges, I think of Sicily, winter,... Read More »